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Inbound ABAP Proxy: Bubble Exception with EMPTY_HTTP_REQUEST_RECEIVED error in PO7.5


We have a scenario where we are using AS2 receiver adapter (S/4HANA --> PO 7.5 -->3rd party) and creating a new XI message for received MDN. We are sending this MDN back to S/4HANA (3rd Party --> PO 7.5 -->S/4HANA).

We built 2 asynchronous scenarios:

1. to send delivery note to 3rd Party system (abap proxy --> PO --> AS2 ) - This scenario is successful. We sent delivery note to AS2 and received MDN in PO. this scenario is fine.

2. received MDN need to send back to S/4HANA (AS2 -->PO--> ABAP proxy) - While sending MDN message back to S/4 system we are getting Bubble Exception with EMPTY_HTTP_REQUEST_RECEIVED.

In PO monitoring I could see before and after mapping payloads. But getting this bubble exception with empty http request received error. And there is no log in S/4HANA sxmb_moni.

I have cross checked already the below configurations:

1. HTTP destination ping test in NWA is returning 500 error.

2. Also maintain XI service(XPI Adapter:XI) property xiadapter.version.minor as 0

3. As stated in the SNOTE 2295395, BASIS team cross checked ICM parameters and confirmed that there is no direction and the parameter is not active.

If anyone already faced this issue and resolved it then please do let me know the solution.


Naushad Shaik

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  • Adding to the previous message,

    I did try with URL Address instead of HTTP Destination in receiver SOAP XI3.0 , I have configured the below parameters,

    Target URL : http://<S/4 system host name>:8000/sap/xi/engine?type=entry

    User name, password, language and client and tested. Configure Certificate Authentication is unchecked.

    Then I have got below error in message monitoring in PO:

    Failed to call the endpoint: Error in call over HTTP: HTTP 302 Moved Temporarily

    SOAP: Call failed: Failed to get the input stream from socket: Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier

    I am not sure why SSLCertificate exception is raised.

    HTTP Destination in NWA, ignore SSL server certificate is checked and when I tested with HTTP Destination I got bubble exception with Empty_request_received error.

    But when I have tested the same scenario with URL Address without certificate authentication then I got SSL certification error.

    why two different errors?

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1 Answer

  • Apr 06, 2017 at 06:17 AM

    Since I got HTTP 302 moved temporarily and SSLCertificateException also I have seen SMICM transaction ICM/HTTP/redirect is configured with HTTPS port, I have tried with HTTPS URL then it started working and data sent to S/4HANA successfully.

    How do we as a developer know which port is enable and which port is required to use?

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