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Former Member
Oct 19, 2006 at 02:47 PM

Exception Handling


Hi All,

I am implementing a BPM scenario. Where i need to implement exception handling.

My Scenario.

I am sending data from R/3(async) to BPM to WebService (Sync) then back to R/3(async).

To handle exception for Sync Send to webservice, I have put the send step in the BLOCK step. I inserted a exception branch. Exception branch has only a transformation step to hard code a error message and a async send to R/3 and then a control step to cancel the process.

Exception branch has : Trans --> Send(async to R/3) -->Control (cancel process).

To test the scnario, I gave the wrong URL in the SOAP receiver adapter. A error is generated, the process shifts to exception branch but there it is unable to complete the mapping.

The mapping is simple to pass error message in the RFC_Abstract message.

I have used the same exception handler in block step, Sync Send step and Exception handler name for exception branch. Do i need to include aNY EXCEPTION NAMES FOR TRANS STEP ALSO??

Pls advice on what might be going wrong?? Is that i need to have a control step before tran step in exception branch??