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Oct 19, 2006 at 11:06 AM

BSP Application Error : Access Denied


Hi Gurus,

I have developed a BSP application with an input field and a search help. I am using Java script to popup the search help window and "opener.document.<form>.<field>.value=value;" to pass selected value from search help window to main page. At BSP application level I have checked "Allows Portal Integration" check box. Now, when I try to select the value from search help at runtime, I am getting an error "Access Denied". It works perfectly fine when the check box "Allows Portal Integration" is unchecked. How do I resolve this issue keeping the check box checked.

Thanks in advance


<* Input Field *>

<htmlb:inputField id = "sales_order"

value = "<%= controller->sale_order %>"

maxlength = "30"

showHelp = "TRUE"

onValueHelp = "showSalesOrderHelp()"

submitOnEnter = "X"

size = "30" />

<* Java script routine to popup search help window *>

function showSalesOrderHelp()


newDialog ="salesOrderHelp.htm","_blank","resizable=no,height=500,width=475");