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Oct 19, 2006 at 07:15 AM

Not able to receive data from a bapi with changing tables



i'm using a bapi that uses two changing tables. in the first table i have to input data before the call that gets updated and on the second table i just want to receive results.

but in the scond table i have to give an initial line, too, otherwise the bapi complains, that mandatory input fields are not filled.

the problem is, that i'm not able to get the values from the second table. even if i store not an empty line but some values in it, i receive exactly the same values in the output node of the table i stored before the call. if we add a line <b>manually</b> in the table <b>inside the bapi</b>, i receive this line additionally, too. but not the lines, that are evaluated during the bapi call.

is there a special thing to consider about changing tables (not using import/export tables)?

kr, achim