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Oct 18, 2006 at 02:02 PM



Hey i have one q's


we are loading for two diff countries (US and europe).

The same LO-cockpit and CO-PA datasource is used by both the countries.

Now for europe we are having company code merger. So for this we require to delete all the contents for europe infoproviders and re-load all the stuff.

that will require to re-initialize all.That is to setup tables for LO-cockpit datasource and rest stuff.

Can we do this without affecting the US load where thy r using same data source and deltas already being thr in datatarget? i mean without re-initializing US stuff.

i have tried creating a dummy scenerio :

1.Create 2 diff ODS one for each US and europe.

2.Connect to R/3 system.

3.M using here both LO-cockpit and CO-PA extractors.

4.Created diff init with data transfer info packages with diff selections(specific to country) and uploaded the data.

5.Done delta for US country.

6.Deleted the contents for Europe.

7.Now i have to delete init req for europe n re-init for the same.

8.But as i delete the init, it wont further update my deltas for US country.(if the same datasource is used for both countries)

i can do this with downtime (Block users on R/3 side for particular duration n thn run setup tables). but this will consume much more time...

The minimum downtime can also be acquire using mirror image of my R/3 production system and run setup table from there and after that transferring the monitor entries to original R/3 system and then continuing with deltas.

But i do not want to re-initialize for my US datatragets that are using same datasources as Europe.

We are using both Lo-cockpit(SD,PP,MM) and CO-PA data source.

can anyone have help me slove this !!