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Oct 18, 2006 at 11:49 AM

MVC Event Handling with different rows of same table view


Hello friends,

I have a tableview with some rows.I have some columns in the tableview.First column contains the drop down list box and other columns are output fields.

I am allready able to populate the columns according to the selection of a value in the drop down listbox of the same row.

In the layout of view for the selectionmode attribute of tableview i have given 'lineedit'.

In the do_handle_event i am also able to get the current selected row of the tableview.

DATA: tv_data TYPE REF TO cl_htmlb_event_tableview.

selection = tv_data->selectedrowindex.

Scenario:I have selected the first row then i am selecting a value in the dropdown and able to populate their corresponding value in the corresponding output field of same row.

So the first row has the selected value in drop down listbox also the corresponding outputfield of same row also has the value.This i am doing by inserting it to the final internal table for the tableview according to currrent selected row .

Now i am going to select the second row.then i am selecting someother value in the dropdown listbox of the second row and filling the other columns correspondigly.I am able to do this for the secondrow.What i now need to do is i also want to see the first row with slected values correspondingly when the final view i need both rows with corresponding values.

Similarly when selecting third row and other rows so on.

how to do this?

Thanks & Regards,