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Oct 18, 2006 at 11:02 AM

Deleting from cluster B2 (FEHLER) and analysing cluster B2


A client of ours has run into problems where Time Evaluation (RPTIME00) has dumped for several scheduled run´s.

My investigation has revealed an employee who left the company back in 2002 but has 12,5 million (yes million) lines in table FEHLER of cluster B2 for period 01 2001.

It seems that somehow this employee has become active in Time Evaluation or something else causing Time Evaluation to run into this FEHLER.

Of course noone knows or remebers what happend back then.

So my questions awaiting generous point giving:

1) Would it be advisable to delete from FEHLER via RPUP2D10 and re-evaluate the employee?

2) Do you know of any tools to analyse the B2 cluster to identify if other employees have similar problems (counting FEHLER records would help)?

Best regards,

Ragnar Sævarsson