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Oct 18, 2006 at 06:04 AM

Web Dynpro queries ....Please help me understand these concepts :)


Hello All,

Am new to Web Dynpro. HAve finished reading all the basic concepts of WebDynpro application but the below ones are not so clear.

Would appreciate if you please help me for the same:

1. When a context mapping is successfully done, a dotted line is visible between the Mapping origin & Mapped Node.

I was practising the FlightModel sample program wherein I set up a context mapping betweent the Context Model and the the view context but the dotted line was not visible.

Why so? Did I do anything wrong? What symbol actually signifies the Context Mapping?

2. Cardinality: We can select values like

0..1 -> node contains only 1 element which must not be instantiated.

Please explain this coz as it is...we never instantiate the node instances in r code, we just declare it and use it. What are the uses of having such a value? Similar is the case of 1..n too.....

Note: I have read & understood the cardinality proerty but incase the singleton prooperty=true & cardinality =0..1, then how wud the nodes be processed?

3. In case of a singleton node, when the parent's leadSelection changes/modifies, does this change just the value in the sub- node or also its structure(<i>attributes</i>)?

4. When I switched to the Navigation View under Web Dynpro perspective, i noticed that internally an .ear file is created which is actually deployed and this .ear file also includes all the classes & .xlf.

In what format are the views actually deployed...meaning are they converted into JSP or HTML internally and then deployed onto J2EE engine?

5. If in case I need to add-in my JSP alongwith my WDApplication.

- Is this possible

- If yes, how can I do this?

Awaiting Reply.

Thanks & Warm Regards,