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Oct 18, 2006 at 01:25 AM

Help needed passing form parameters to iView from Masthead?


Curious situation here.....we have customized our masthead to include a HTML form. The form "action" is set to "http://<our portal>/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=ROLES://<pcd path down to page>". The form method is set to POST. All users have this specific role so it will be "targetted" correctly. The specific PCD page is set for URL isolation and set to "" to pass the application parameters. Likewise, the page contains an IAC iView which is also set to URL isolation and "" for any incoming parameters.

Now, here's the problem. We have several form fields. The submit of the form works correctly in that it will jump the user to their correct "target" page/iView in the correct role. However, NONE of the form fields come across. I would expect that the form would be able to pass over the query values to the page that would then pass it to the iView and the iView would "see" them correctly. We just can not seem to get the form values from the masthead to the IAC!

Any help?