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Delay Parameters for send email in campaign flow in Hybris Marketing

Apr 03, 2017 at 02:45 PM


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I am working on Campaign flow in Hybris Marketing and as part of the requirements we want to send delayed emails. I have seen that the delay option is available under Send Parameters in Trigger based campaign and i want to replicate the same for other types of campaigns. As this is not dependent on the action taken by the user hence the followup option of action for email opened/link clicked can not be used. To put it simple, i want to add two nodes of send email after the target group in one of the email step would like to put a delay as both are separate emails. Please let me know if there is any configuration which allows us to achieve this or the class/method which helps to achieve this.

Please see below the image of what i want to achieve in my scenario.


wait-time.png (20.3 kB)
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2 Answers

Mathias Knura
Apr 26, 2017 at 12:59 PM

Hi Vineet,

the deley option for actions at the start trigger (next to target group) is not supported for campaigns with target group.

The delay would have to be done via scheduling of the execution.
But this will always result in parallel execution of all the actions next to the target group.

We plan to provide a feature with release 1708, where 2nd email can be send with a delay of x days once the first email was sent out.
Modeling of flow ui will be slightly different.

Best Regards,

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Hi Mathias,

Many thanks for your feedback. I understand that it will be made available in 1708 but for now i would need to go with a custom solution. What i am looking for is the check where the system decides whether to allow the send parameters to be enabled or not, since the action of send email is common for both Trigger based and others so i expect the system to make a check on the campaign type when i add the send mail action. I tried to debug and found the class CL_CUAN_MKT_ORCH_DATA_PROV which is triggered on adding action but still not found the code where the system makes the check, any more information on this would help.

Also you say that "The delay would have to be done via scheduling of the execution." what scheduling do you refer to.

Another option which i tried was to create a custom action by copying the standard Send email steps but it does not work like the standard action of send email :( and all the options of adding email template and other options do not appear as well.. so went back to code to find the check.

Best Regards.


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Hi Mathias,

What is the expectation to get this for on-premise Hybris Marketing solution.



Mathias Knura
Aug 28, 2017 at 10:34 AM

The email wait scenario can be maintained via User Interactions as trigger. This User Interaction can be Email_Outbound for example.
Two emails shall be sent, where 1st email shall be sent at a particular date, e.g. August 30th, and the 2nd email is sent 5 days after 1st email has been sent.

For sending first email at Autust 28th, this has to be scheduled at campaign header information. Then maintain a user interaction with Email_Outbound and add a 2nd email which has a delay for 5 days.

This feature is available in Cloud with release 1708 and onPremis with release 1709.

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