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Oct 17, 2006 at 09:32 PM

Has LiveCache been installed?



I am installing SCM5.0 on Windows 2003 x64 hardware and SQL Server 2005. I installed SCM5.0, Livecache, and everything else on the same box. The installation completed without problem. Now I am in post-installation steps and I have following questions:

1. How do I know the livecache is actually installed? In my case, a separate database for livecache will be created in SQL Server or it still will create a separate MAXDB database? In SQL Server I only see one database(APS)of my SCM5.0 no database of livecache (LCS the name I gave during the installation). I did find it created a sapdb directory in OS level, but seems no MAXDB database created.

2. The installation also created DBM Command Line Interface but when I tried to connect it using the username/password, it said database instance not exist.

3. When I run transaction LC10 inside SCM Instance, click LiveCache monitor and I got error message "database instance not found"

All these are telling me livecache and its database may not be even installed. Is this correct? How do I know the livecache get installed? Again, my installation went through no problem. Any input/experience are greatly appreciated.


Yujun Ran