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Oct 17, 2006 at 07:46 PM

Priming cache by reporting agent problem


Hello All,

I have few questions regarding article on bwexpertonline for priming the cache.

The article is really great and big help....but i am not getting out put the way it should be.

1) I created a query - which doesnt have any variable/selection screen.

(question here is will it work for those kind of queries which dont have any selection screen/ variant ? ) --> client wants to prime the cache for few queries which dont have variable screen.

2) created web template and which refers the same query and save it in favourite.

3) went to RSA1--> Reporting Agent --> web template --> new setting

gave technical name, in parameter tab i selected two options "data" and "HTML for browser" by selecting the checkbox.

4) i dont have any selection screen so couldnt create any variants

5) mark the check box "fill olap cache if possible"

6) Save it and activated it

7) created scheduling package and drag and drop the reporting agent (which is on the left sideunder the webtemplate)

8) schedule it

9) sm37--> released the job and ran it.

10) job finished successfully

now my question is i dont see any entries for that perticular query in RSRCACHE (TCODE). i tired to run query on web, rsrt but still i dont see any entries in cache.

can you pleasse tell me where i m making mistakes ?? also, if i want to prime cache for lets say 6 queries do i have to create web template for each...and repeat the whole process for each ? how do i do that ? And will need to attach it in process chain so it can be run on daily basis.

Any guidance will be appreciated. I will come back and give points for help.

Thank You in advance...


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