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Oct 17, 2006 at 03:51 PM

Assigning SMARTFORMS to output types in SPRO



I have created a test smartform and smartstyle, generated a function module, and temporarily put some code in a custom "test" program to ensure it is working, and it does (note calling the compiled version of the smartform function module name, by getting it's name from SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME) and all executes correctly.

Could anyone tell me however how I assign the smartform to execute from standard SAP via output type configuration in SPRO in SD as an example. Do we still need to specify a print program name and form routine to execute in configuration, just like SAPscript works ? I notice there is a field available for a smartform name, but then how would "whatever standard SAP is calling the smartform" know what parameters to pass into my generated function module for the smartform ? Also, does this have anything to do with the field "layout module" which is directly above the smartform field ?

Here's what I have tried: I entered the custom Z test program I created, entered the form routine name of this program which simply calls directly the function module for the smartform. (Now the smartform field in configuration is redundant) The standard SAP SAPscript print option window appears when I execute my SD transaction, and then the output option window appears which comes standard with the smartform function module call. As the smartform field in configuration is redundant going this method, I think I am going completely on the wrong route. Can someone help ?