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Trace my own questions in SDN / SCN Platform

I have a simple question:

How do I trace the questions that I Myself have posted in SCN / SDN platform?

For example, I posted a specific question on the functionality of SAP Workflow 3 weeks ago. Now, a month later, I want to trace the question above and all the correspondence that I have received regarding it.

I have searched the platform but have not found how to do this.

Can someone help? Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.


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  • As suggested by Jürgen, in the SAP community if you click on your avatar and profile detail then you can find number of question raised by you

    j1gpz.png (65.8 kB)
  • Sorry Jurgen,

    I meant to modify the Primary tag on the question that I had posted this morning, titled '

    How to use the source list field FLIFN'. My intention was to change the primary tag for that question to 'MM Purchasing'.

    However, I seem to have updated the wrong question. Apologies for that!



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    Apr 03, 2017 at 01:22 PM

    If you posted your question after October 2016 then it is neither SDN (2004 - 2012) nor SCN (2012 - 2016) It is just in this SAP community.

    You can find your own questions by clicking your avatar and then again your avatar in the menu.

    Unfortunately the update does not work properly in the moment, so you eventually do not see your questions.

    However I can see a question just 6 days old, do you mean this one or do you miss really one which is about 3 weeks old?

    If it had answers or comments or moderator actions, then you should be able to see this by clicking your avatar and then chose "Notifications" in the menu.

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    • In your profile you can see every question you have created here on the new platform (after October 2016). There is no read/unread filter on the profile for content. That's the notifications.

      Have you checked your notifications to see if you got a moderator alert for the question you're looking for, like Jürgen proposed?