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Oct 17, 2006 at 09:19 AM

Characteristic without valid master data still being loaded


Hi experts.

I have a process chain which loads an ODS with data. Among other data I have 0COSTCENTER. The load process is through PSA and after that to destination by packages. I have the "do not update data when no master data exists" option selected.

I have usually a few records with characteristics that do not exist in master data marked as errors which are not updated to the destination ODS. That is expected and intended.

But recently someone posted an erroneous document in the ERP where they filled mistakenly the Cost Center. When I extracted this document it tried to fill 0COSTCENTER with the value "369.123,27". Since this value is not in the master data table of 0COSTCENTER I would expect the load process to mark this line as an error and keep it in the PSA as such. It should not try to update the data target with this line!!!

What is really happening is that the PSA error lines do not contain this line. Instead it has been transfered to the data target but there was an error during the activation stating that the value is not valid for 0COSTCENTER.

What is happening? Shouldn't this line be automatically marked as an error line and not be transfered to data target? What can I do to prevent this (obviously without depending on ERP users to fill in correct data all the time...)

Thank you. Points will be awarded for helpful answers.