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Oct 17, 2006 at 07:03 AM

This is related to Idoc where in I shld implement OSS note very urgent!!!


Hello Guru's,

The issue what I got is mentioned below..

During picking of a material that is subject to batch management using a WM transfer order, no other split items are created despite existing batch split items.

As a result, problems can occur during verification from a decentralized WMS with the IDoc SHP_OBDLV_CONFIRM_DECENTRAL (see also note 793754).

The error typically occurs if there are only batch split items with a quantity 0 for the item. This type of scenario may occur if the item has already been fully picked, a batch split created during acknowledgement and the split items then no longer contain a delivery quantity due to a return transfer.

When a new transfer order is acknowledged, the system does not recognize that split items are already available. As a result, the main item is mistakenly updated.

According to the Note 794017, the reason for this is a program error and the solution is to implement the source code corrections specified in said note corrections.

so for this issue I need OSS login id..that any how I will get it from my collegues, but here the problem is how to approach to this issue.It will be really appreciated if U help me out in solving the issue and please explain me step by step process as this is the first case I am handling..

awaiting for U r replies...and U can send the info to my mail id...


Ravi V Ganji