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Oct 16, 2006 at 11:13 PM

I need to load an InfoCube from an InfoSet - Is this possible in 2004s?



<b>This question looks long, but it's really not. I'm just trying to give a lot of detail about the screens that I am seeing. 😉 Anyway, here goes:</b>

I am in 2004s. I want to load an InfoCube from an InfoSet. I know that an InfoSet is just a view and does not physically store data, but recent documentation published by SAP seems to indicate that this is

possible in 2004s (There is a document called "Developer Guide - 2004s" that says the following:

"InfoSets are an additional, easily manageable data source for generic data extraction. They allow you to use logical databases of all SAP applications, table

joins, and further datasets as data sources for BI". )

So... that led me to believe an InfoSet could load an InfoCube. In other words, the InfoSet would be the source and the InfoCube would be the target. I am in RSA1, and I right-click on the cube that I want to be the target. I select the "Create Transformation" option from the context menu. In the "Create Transformation" screen that pops up, I enter "InfoCube" in the target object type field and the name of the InfoCube in the target name field. I enter "InfoSet" in the source object type field and the name of the InfoSet in the source name field.

I get a pop-up that says "Cannot generate proposal". I click the green arrow, and then I get an error message

that says "Transformation does not exist (see long text)".

When I click on the error message, I get the following information in the Performance Assistant:

"Transformation does not exist (see long text)

Message no. RSTRAN010


The transformation specified by transformation ID , source and target , does not exist.

System Response

The system terminates processing."

Any help would be much appreciated! It seems like it must be possible to use an InfoSet as a source in a data load, or else it would not be an option in the "Create Transformation" screen. ????

I've also tried right-clicking on the cube and selecting "Create Data Transfer Process". I enter the same information on this screen: the types and names of the source and target. Then I get a pop-up that says "Source and target have not been linked with a transformationDo you want to generate a default transformation?". There are two buttons I can click: one labeled "Yes" and one labeled "Abbrechen". I choose "Yes", because I have no idea what "Abbrechen" means. 😉

Then I get the same pop-up from before: "Cannot generate proposal". I hit the green arrow, and I'm back in the

"Create Data Transfer Process" screen. So... I'm stuck in an infinite loop of screens that I can't get out of.

If someone could help, I would be grateful! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!