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Oct 16, 2006 at 08:24 PM

Cost Center Hierarchy



I am not sure whether system allows it or not. But I want to explore ideas. We have cost centers like 39000003, 39000004, etc., We have numerous company codes and we have numerous cost centers in each company code. WE are trying to build hierarchy for cost centers with first 4 characters of the cost center. Is it possible to create cost center hierarchy such a way saying that 3900*(it is part of 0039000002, 00390000004)? which will automatically takes all cost centers of that series into this one. Can we create hierarchy based on partial data from the field?

To resolve this we can create a custom department/costcenter info object and send 3900 into this field and create a hierarchy on this info object.

Other than that are there any other suggestions.. to avoid creating this new object.