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BPC 10 Drill Through to Cube

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with an example case for drill through to cube feature:

When I launch my DrillThrough to Cube from Excel, a loading message shows up for a second and disappears quickly.

I would ask if you could take a look at the configuration XML? I feel like I'm not seeing the obvious, or missing something.
Excel EPM log doesn't show any info about this so I can't find the point of failure.

Extra info:

  • I created a super simple, working MDX query via MDXTEST, and when i launch it using that transaction, I'm able to see the results on a popup window as expected.
  • Drill Through to Url (which is set from BPC) is working normally: opens an IE window and shows me the info.
  • DT uses same connection = same server = no extra connection info needed (in theory). When added a dummy connectionstring, DT tries to connect to the server (but fails obviously. This step tells me at least some of DT functionality is working.)

My DrillThrough.xml:

      [/CPMB/NXXXXX1].Members ON COLUMNS,
      [/CPMB/NXXXXX2].Members ON ROWS
  <DisplayName>(Local) Sample DT</DisplayName>

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Edit: Log dump for one DT launch - all from |TRACE|Performance|

12:36:46,040 | ... |Method [DrillThroughToCube] start# 
12:36:46,045 | ... |Method [Load Reports Sheet1] start# 
12:36:46,045 | ... |Method [Load Reports Sheet1] end, duration = 0.000 s# 
12:36:46,045 | ... |Method [DrillThroughConnect] start# 
12:36:46,110 | ... |Method [DrillThroughConnect] end, duration = 0.065 s# 
12:36:46,115 |...|Method [GetDrillThroughParameters] start# 
12:36:46,115 |...|Method [GetDrillThroughParameters] end, duration =0.000 s#
12:36:46,115 | ... |Method [MapParametersOnSource] start# 
12:36:46,115 | ... |Method [MapParametersOnSource] end, duration = 0.000 s#
12:36:46,115 | ... |Method [ReplaceDrillThroughParameters] start# 
12:36:46,115 |...|Method [ReplaceDrillThroughParameters] end,duration =0.0s 
12:36:46,135 | ... |Method [DrillThroughToCube] end, duration = 0.090 s#
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2 Answers

  • Apr 03, 2017 at 10:34 AM

    Sorry, but not clear!

    1. Have you managed to setup standard DrillThrough?

    2. "VBAFunctionBeforeDrillThrough and VBA function after drillthrough do not run." - why do you think it will run??

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    • Hahaha awesome, I didn't know this. I really appreciate you pointing it out! :)

      I'll try to launch with an event func.

      But VBA is the lesser evil in this case, not being able to see something particular in Perf. Trace log frustrates me.

      I tried the same config without any VBA function calls, and it was behaving this way anyway. Do you have any ideas, or suggestions?

  • Apr 03, 2017 at 03:44 PM

    Please read this old but useful document:

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