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Oct 16, 2006 at 04:50 PM



Hello experts,

I’m implementing SEM-BCS for the first time and I need your help in a little problem that I’m having with the filling of consolidation area.

Right now we area testing the elimination of interunit relationships. The tests are running well as all relationships are being eliminated.

Our problem is that the consolidation area is always empty. Is there any configuration missing??

Another question for you that is worrying me. When the data is transferred to BW the consolidation area is not filled and consequently in the data collection phase. Must it be filled in any of these two phases?

Further we will have another problem with the virtual cube for reporting. Is it mandatory the use of the virtual cube? If yes how this Virtual Cube does works?

I’m sorry for all these questions but we can’t find much documentation on these issues. If you have any relevant documentation please send it to me to

Best regards,

João Arvanas