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Oct 16, 2006 at 04:44 PM

Abap Proxy exception Handling


Hi guys,

I've implemented the following scenario:

BPM Process where I've got a async receive (from a file receiver), a sync send (to an ABAP PROXY) and a send async (to a file sender).

The scenario is working great, I've catched 'Communication exceptions', and the proxy contemplates the necessary exception throwers too, but I'm now trying to Handle one specific exception. Imagine you force a dump, with a divide by zero in the proxy code...the proxy will dump and the XI gets a mapping exception (like is supposed to).

The exception is:



<SAP:P3>RuntimeException in Message-Mapping transformatio~</SAP:P3>

The thing is, I want to catch this exception on the mapping and handle it, so the bpm process sends the handle response with the file sender.

I've looked to Alessandro Guarneri blog, but it's a little bit different, because I don't want to throw an exception but I'd like to handle it....

Can you guys help me with this question?