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Oct 16, 2006 at 03:32 PM

extract hierarchy from a flat file



I’m trying to extract hierarchy from a flat file.

The hierarchy is built from 3 different infoObjects each infoObject represent different level in the hierarchy. Ive built the hierarchy on the infoObject which represnt the last level of the hierarchy and put all the lower levels as external chars in the hierarchy.

(I used the blog: Hierarchy Upload from Flat files: /people/prakash.bagali/blog/2006/02/07/hierarchy-upload-from-flat-files )

I'm extracting the data using Idocs (not PSA like described in the blog)

The hierarchy is for the infoObject 0customer but each customer can appear several times with diffrent sales organization.

Hence, in the hierarchy node i concatenate sales organization and customer. .

I tried to change the transfer structure and added the infoObject of sales organization (to the customer infoObject that is already exist) but it doesn't split the data into two infoObjects.

How can i do it?

Please Advice,


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Message was edited by: David Cohn