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Oct 16, 2006 at 02:41 PM

regarding conversion exit


I have created a table having fields-- mandt, id , ztime(4 char leng). created a conv exit for ztime named mycon.In fun mod--

global var: temp(5), temp1(2),temp2(2)


conversion_exit_mycon_input, the code is


temp = input.

split temp at ':' into temp1 temp2.

concatenate temp1 temp2 into output.


conversion_exit_mycon_output, the code is


temp = input.

temp1 = temp div 100.

temp2 = temp mod 100.

output+0(2) = temp1.

output+2(1) = ':'.

output+3(2) = temp2.


In table 1234 will be stored but on output list it will come like 12:34.


When create entries in se11, it will tell that data is saved successfully, but , if you will go for disply , no entries found will come....

When accessing from se38 code, the output is coming properly...

So , my QUESTION is Where data is going to store when conv. exit applies?