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Oct 16, 2006 at 01:50 PM

Destructive Testing Handling Units


In our plant, handling units are created for a material at the time of the inbound delivery. If I receive 100 PCs of a material, let us say one handling unit is created in the system.

In the inspection plan for this material, I have maintained one of the MIC with destructive sample indicator. When the usage decision is being performed I want to post the sample size corresponding to the destructive characteristic as scrap. For example if i received 100 PCs into quality stock, i want to post only 95 PCs into unrestricted use stock as 5 PCs was used in the destructive testing. However in the stock posting screen I only have one line corresponding to the handling unit containing 100 PCs. How do i post 95 PCs of this handling unit into unrestricted use stock and 5 PCs as scrap.

Thanks in advance.