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Former Member
Oct 16, 2006 at 11:54 AM

Split ''Upload from PSA" to separate Data Targets



I have the following situation:

1 ODS as datasource

2 ODS and 1 CUBE as data targets.

I'm updating my data targets with deltas with one infopackage using process chain.

As the CUBE is also a data source for another CUBE I want to speed up the upload process by separating the load to data targets.


data from 1st ODS to CUBE 1 as first step then I can process data to CUBE 2 with different process chain;

2nd step would be upload data again form 1st ODS to two remaining ODSs.

The point is that I'm using one info package and cannot split loads per data targets. I tried to create two infopackages: one with CUBE 1 as data target and second with my ODSs as data targets. But the second infopackage doesn't return delta any more.

Is there any solution for such a case?