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Oct 16, 2006 at 08:12 AM

Message content comparison



I intend to create a BPM includes the following steps:


A Receive step receives xml message via HTTP in the following format and there can be 1000 <Lot> records:


<Lot> (0~unbounded)

<PO_NUM> (1~1)

<Status> (1~1)




Another Receive step to query all the unclosed PO records from SAP.


Verify <PO_NUM> against with PO number values of the query result.

If they match, update <Status> tag to 'S';

If not, update <Status> tag to 'F'.


Split them into 2 xml messages based on <Status> and insert them into two different tables.

<b>My questions are:</b>

1)How do I do it? Where do I make the comparison and splitting? (what STEPs to use, correct configuration, any coding/udf/add-on involved,etc.)

2)Which RFC to use for PO query?



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