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Oct 16, 2006 at 07:27 AM

Sample Application - Datasource



I was just going through and the sample applciation delievered with Java EE 5 and reading the documentation alongside.

The document mentions that if no datasource is specificed in persistent.xml the container will choose the default datasource. In the sample application persistent.xml is empty. I find that the default datasource is SAPJEEDB and not SAPDEMO_DS (this is checked using DBPOOL shell command GET_DS).

Hence i am not sure how the data is getting selected. The user associated with default datasource is SAPJEEDB and i checked in Database Explorer view (by creating a connection with user SAPJEEDB) that SAPJEEDB is not able to view the tables of SAPDEMO schema.

I am missing something here. Please do help me in understanding this.