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Former Member
Oct 16, 2006 at 06:14 AM

New Abap Categories



1. I personally feel that it was better, like before,

when abap was in one category.

2. ABAP in itself is a complete language,

and dividing it into categories,

is good at the time of posting queries,

but when replying, it is a little inconvenient.

3. BCOS, people who reply at the forum,

may have to switch on & off between the different


and hence, may not be able to reply quickly,

or worst, may even miss the query.


4. Another thing, that these divisions in abap

create further divisions in the proficiency of abap,

and the abapers themselves.

5. Also, the queries may / may not be posted to

the relevant category. The one who has a query,

is sometiemes least concerned with the category,

he/she just wants the answer.


Amit Mittal