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Oct 16, 2006 at 03:03 AM

net price for consignment item category in ME21n (urgent)


Hi all,

while creating PO in me21n, net price is being displayed for the standard item category but net price is not comming while maintaining item category as consignment.

if the item category(ekko-pstyp)is consignment (i.e we have to put 'K' in the item category field in ME21n),then how can i display the net price in the net price field of ME21n.

The net price is comming in ME21n when item category = standard.but net price is not comming when item category = consignment.what is the reason?

plz let me know if there is any enhancement or exit for this net price to be displayed if the item category is consignment.

plz let me know what r the ways, i can display the net price in ME21n for the consignment item category?it is urgent.

any idea is highly appreaciated.

Thanks & Regards