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Oct 15, 2006 at 03:48 AM

BSP WAS 620 and 640 issues


Hi Thomas,

We are running into several issues with BSP WAS 6.20. We have 2 instances- 1 at WAS 640 and 1 on WAS 620. The application runs perfectly in WAS 640 but we are encountering several issues in WAS 620 with the same code.

Here is one scenario:


DATA: event_id TYPE REF TO if_htmlb_data.

event_id = cl_htmlb_manager=>get_event_ex( runtime->server->request ).

On the view I have:

<htmlb:inputField id="f_product" submitOnEnter="TRUE" disabled="<%= v_linedisable %>" alignment="LEFT" required="X" type="STRING" width="115"


I works nicely in 6.4 version. But in 6.2 I don't get any handler in my event_id when I generate submitOnenter event. My event_id is initial and I can't do any data handling. What do I do?

Another scenario:

I have a tableview that works nicely in 6.4

It has selectionmode='LINEEDIT' and keyColumn='KEYCOL' from the table.

In 6.2 -

When I click on rowselection - I don't get the highlight indicator that the row is selected and I cannot edit anything. If I page navigate to the next page and come back to the previous page then I see the highlighted row.

What do I do here?

Here is the code:

<htmlb:tableView id = "MyTV1"

keyColumn = "BSPKEY"

headerText = "<%= v_pagetitle %>"

headerVisible = "TRUE"

design = "ALTERNATING"

visibleRowCount = "10"

onRowSelection = "MyEventRowSelection"

<%-- onNavigate = "MyNavigate" --%>

selectionMode = "<%= v_selectionmode %>"

<%-- focus1stSelectedCell = "X" --%>

selectedRowIndex = "<%= v_rowselection %>"

visibleFirstRow = "<%= v_firstvisiblerow %>"

emptyTableText = "No data found"

footerVisible = "TRUE"

keepSelectedRow = "TRUE"

width = "100%"

sort = "SERVER"

filter = "SERVER"

table = "//vmodelsetup/m_lines"

iterator = "<%= v_tviterator %>" />

Also, code under my reset button, which blanks out selectedRowIndex variable seems to not work in 620. The row remains highlighted. I am really hopeful that all this could be related to some patch issue that is missing.

Is it possible to upgrade just the WAS to 6.4 without touching the EPP/BASIS system (i.e. to leave it at 4.7)?

Please respond as it has become mission critical for us now with 6 weeks away from go-live.