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Oct 14, 2006 at 07:16 PM

Join 2 internal tables



i have to join the whole content of a table with the content of a aggregated table. i "moved" the content of the 2 dictionary tables into 2 internal tables and i want to join these 2 internal tables now.

first of all, is it generally possible to join 2 internal tables, for example with a read or loop statement?!

at second, i know how i would solve the problem in oracle 10g, but it looks like that open-sql supports not the same features like orcale. knows anyone of you how i can rebuild the following oracle statement in abap.


select, a.col1, b.col2

from table_a as a, (select id, sum(col2) as col2 from table_c group by id) as b where = order by 1