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Oct 14, 2006 at 06:56 AM

A Clarification sought - Workflow



I have a clarification to be made.

Below are some requirements from a CRM project. Now we are planning to train some one to handle this part and essentialy his role is on Workflow. Now my doubt is whether this person should take CRM training or workflow training? One thing to note here is that the person does not have any CRM background also. So my question is whether this person needs to take Workflow training or CRM training( <i>I am not sure whether CRM training has workflow in it</i>) or something else(<i>meaning first CRM and then Workflow, since the project is on CRM</i>)?

The requirements are in bold.

<b>1. Ability to define a Customer Program, including, but not limited to:

will adhere to role based security

informational program characteristics

program eligibility rules

technical prerequisites (e.g. equipment)

program specific options (e.g. bill protection)

enrollment related work flow steps and prerequisites

funding accounts

<i>Comments : Standard SAP functionality. May need workflow</i>

2.Ability to automatically enable or disable program functions.

<i>Comments : Workflow or Actions can be used.</i>

3.Ability to generate automated notifications/ticklers when program steps need to be taken.

<i>Comments : Workflow or Actions can be defined to trigger Notification on certain events.


4. Notify appropriate Program Manager if measure factors or incentive rates are changed.

<i>Comments : Need workflow or Actions to trigger this.</i>

5. Associate the completed audits to actual programs and when applicable tie to a programs workflow requirements.

<i>Comments : Link is Standard SAP Functionality and needs to define workflow.</i>

6. Ability to generate customer communications based on triggers such as; dates, changes to customer information, work flow steps, etc.

<i>Comments : Needs to develop workflow or actions to trigger Notifications on pre-defined rules.</i>

7. Based on program, allow for multiple incentives or timed incentives based on workflow process completion steps.

<i>Comments : Need to be configured in Rebate Processing</i>


Thank you,