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Oct 14, 2006 at 01:37 AM



Hello all

What is the correct procedure to appy patches for Kernel 7.0??

Since LODR3KRN is no longer been used for Kernel 7.0, then what is the correct procedure(command) to apply the patches after we've downloaded from the Market place, then SAPCAR the following on the OS400??

R3INLPGM.SAR, R3LDCTL.SAR, R3LOAD.SAR,SAPEXE.SAR and SAPEXEDB.SAR. All the above shows *SAVF on the 400 now.

From a earlier message, did mentioned LODSAPKRN, but the device indicated as *STMF, is that means we are not suppose to run the SAPCAR anymore on the 400?? or we did something wrong here?

We would be really appreciated for any of the help we can get.