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Former Member
Oct 13, 2006 at 11:56 PM

Hi could somebody help


Its me again with that loading problem.

Thanks for all the respond.Even after all the help I got from some of you, I couldn't figure-out what the problem is. I am still stuck with the below given issue, because of this I am unable to step further. Please help.


I am trying to Load a Masterdata(flatfile) in a infoobject.

This is what i did:

  • I created a infoobject name 'EMPNAM' with some attributes, like [soc_sec, 0city,0country].

  • I created and activated communication struct , and Transfer struct.

  • Created my own flatfile(.csv) with some fake datas.

  • created infopackage and loaded the flatfile, system generated as loading successful. I checked the datas in PSA and i was able to see all the fields ['EMPNAM, soc_sec, 0city,0country] been loaded.

  • When i try to see the loaded data in the datatarget i.e the infoobject, i could only see the 'EMPNAM' been loaded, not the attributes[soc_sec,0city,0country].

Why is that, could anyone help me with this please.