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Webi Column Chart Issue

Dear Experts,

my data table is given below

Expenses Actual month Budget month Previous month Actual Year Budget year

Previous Year

Travel exp 200 300 200 800 1000 1000
Vehicle exp 100 200 100 700 2000 3000 Total 300 500 300 1500 3000 4000

I have issue with chart when i create column chart its showing only first 3 column Actual month,Budget month,Previous month but when i add Actual Year or Budget year or Previous Year in value axis then its showing Yellow triangle and yearly data not showing.

Please help to solve this issue.


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  • Hi,

    There must be -ve value showing up on chart.

    Try creating a variable using ABS()

    =ABS([Measure]) and use this on the chart instead of actual measure from DB.



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