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BDC - Pagedown(P+) during runtime

Apr 01, 2017 at 09:07 PM


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Hi Friends,

I am creating a tool to Create condition records using XK15 tcode which is dynamic it should load any condition type and for any application. I am struck with an issue, while recording for one condition type ZP01 table lines are 10 and for another cond type YT07 there is 14 lines. In this case I wont be able to handle page down P+ at right number in my loop. Any clues on how to find the table lines during runtime of the BDC for XK15 screen so that based on that runtime number I can keep my Page down code in the loop. Many thanks in advance.


Venkat Channa

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2 Answers

Pratik Patel Apr 01, 2017 at 10:24 PM

Hi venkat,

You have to separate your header and item data based on condition type.

Loop at header information and inside that loop at item for the same condition type.

Declare one count variable and check it in your item loop. if it reach to screen line count after which you have to process page down. Reset that variable to value 2 and again process the same.

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Yes you are right I can create a variable to count and then add pagedown after the count reaches the last line, but my issue
is to find the maximum line number so that I can reset count to 0 for next set of records.

I saw in few answer to use SY-LOOPC but I want to know how to use in BDC code. Any hints would be great help. Basically how to find Screen line count is what I am looking for.

Venkat Reddy Oct 06, 2017 at 04:41 AM

Hi Pratik,

Successfully completed the code long time but sorry for the late reply and solution is with default size of xk15 screen there will be total of 15lines. That said if header is having 3 fields then lines items will be having 12 lines, there are some cases where there is no header for a condition type in that case total lines will be 14. Once I get time I will write blog on total dynamic upload of xk15 wth which any condition records along with scales can be uploaded.



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