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Oct 13, 2006 at 10:33 AM

Implicit commit in ABAP Web Dynpro?


I wonder if ABAP Web Dynpro is executing an implicit commit. I have two buttons on the same view. The first one inserts an entry into a table, the second one executes a "rollback work" (and to be sure calls function "DB_ROLLBACK").

However, after first pressing the insert-button and secondly the rollback-button, the rollback had no effect, i.e. one dataset has been permanently inserted into the database table.

Is it possible that until the view is ready for new processing (i.e. finished any initializations) an implicit commit is executed by SAP?

I have not used any commit nor do I use debugger mode.

The same behavior happens when I split the insert and rollback things into two views. In the second view the rollback is possible before the inbound plug is processed to the end, but afterwards (e.g. when handling a button click by an assigned method) not.