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Oct 13, 2006 at 10:29 AM

urgent answers



I have few questions.Kindly clarify them.

1. There are two KeyFigures Date1 and Date2.We need to show the number of days between them in the report.

One option is to create another KF in the cube and populate using update rules by calculating the difference between the dates.

The second option is to create a calculated KF in the Query and populate that.But in this case how are we specifying the Aggregation level on this calculated KF.

Are there any other ways of doing this.

2. What are the various restrictions we have in BW like

No of structures in a query - 2(maximum)

No of Key Figures in Fact table - 233

No of characteristics in a dimension - 248.

What are all the other restrictions like how many queries can be in a work book and any other restrictions like that you are aware of.

3. How can we control the population of Statistical tables like Extraction Queue and update tables.I know that we can use direct delta ,Queued delta and unserialised V3 update modes.But that will be for populating Delta Queue.How can we control whether it has to use V1,V2,V3 methods.

Kindly clarify them.Thanks in advance.