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Oct 13, 2006 at 09:52 AM

0Query_template - "Error when loading ..."


Hi All,

I am trying to implement a "How to" paper on enhancing 0Query_template, but i keep getting the "Error when loading ..." message.

In SPRO ->Determine settings for Web Templates, i assigned:

<i>Style Sheets = Mime/BEx/StyleSheets/BWReports.css

Template Attributes = Z_QUERY_TEMPLATE</i>

The thing i do not understand is, if i change the

Template Attributes to 0QUERY_TEMPLATE instead of the one i created, it still briengs me the same "Error when loading 0QUERY_TEMPLATE" message.

Which is strange because this is a BC Template, and ferther more, when i execute a query threw BEx it does show me a 0QUERY_TEMPLATE output (with the buttons and all).

am i missing something?

I am desprit....

Full point promised to the one with the solution (ofcourse..).