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Former Member
Oct 13, 2006 at 08:20 AM

Internal table delete



What would be the best way to delete the records from an internal table. I am not using the primary key here.

I need to delete the records from the internal table which does not match the input parameter given.

For example:

I have some records in an internal table. I need to delete the records whcih does not match the condition.

I have around 85000 records in my internal table I_iflot. The primary key here is TPLNR in IFLOT table. But I am deleting the records based on some other field which is the input parameter OBJNR. Pls see below statement and let me know how exactly we can do this. As i am doing the deletion other than the primary key its taking hell lot time to excute the single statement.

SORT i_iflot BY tplnr.

Delete i_iflot where objnr not in r_objnr.

This statement is taking much time as this is not the primary key. But i need t delete with this cndition nly.

Any solution for this...