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Former Member
Oct 13, 2006 at 01:55 AM

Problem with VAITM ODS


I have a weird problem with the VAITM ODS which is the data target for 2LIS_11_VAITM.

When I attempt to Reconstruct/Insert a request into the ODS, the process failes in Function RSSM_CONVERT_ODSSID_RNRSID when a NOT_FOUND condition is raised after failing to do a successful read on table rsreqicods for odssid 24188.

Why is it trying to read this table for that odssid? The request ID of the request I am trying to restore is 24186! I cant find 24188 anywhere as a request ID in the ODS. Note: I have 6 requests I need to Restore/Insert. I know I am supposed to restore them in order, but regardless of which one I am trying to restore, it still fails because it cant find request 24188 on that table. It looks like it's trying to convert a request ID to a request number.

It seems to me like somehow some control tables or something has gotten out of synch.

Any help will be appreciated.