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Oct 12, 2006 at 09:11 PM

Livecache Issue....


I had some issues with Livecache yesterday. I got following SM21 messages -

LC10 BY2 Database error -9807 at CON

LC10 BY0 > Too many users (task limit)

I could get to LC10 and see the status of the LiveCache and it was green. But when I tried to check the OMS Versions or any other things which needs to go to DB, it gave me same error as above. So I went to DBM GUI and went to Information button - Sessions. It gave me the same database error.

I had to restart the LiveCache because of time and it worked fine.

I still do not know what the issue was but I think if I had some hung sessions and all cleared after restart.

Is there any way to find anything using dbmcli command?

This is what I tried to find the sessions and could not get to work...

"dbmcli -d LCQ -u control,control db_cons shta" and it give me following error "-24964,ERR_EXECUTE: error in program execution"

How can I execute this. The problem is with last "db_cons shta". Once this is successful, I would have liked use ".........db_cons cancel <task_index>" to cancel them.

Can anybody please help me out?

I will appreciate your assistance.

Thank you.