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Will there be a SAP Community app in our mobile ? {SAP Community for android and iOS}

Apr 01, 2017 at 03:43 AM


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I wonder, how much helpful would it be if the SAP Community aap was in my mobile. People can search through the questions and read through blogs while travelling.

Won't it be helpful ?

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Hello there,

I changed the tag of your question to "Using", because that is the tag used to talk about issues with the platform and ask questions about it. "SAP InnoJam" is an event and your question is not related to that event.


But why do you need an app? You can visit the SAP community from your mobile and read blogs or participate in the questions and answers. What do you miss when using a normal browser to access the site?





To build on what Steffi said...
The SAP Community is now integrated with, which was designed to be mobile-friendly (which isn't ideal for members on desktops who want to post blogs, etc., but should be good for members such as you who are looking for a mobile app/experience).

Beyond that, to my knowledge, there isn't any app planned specifically for the community, and I'm not aware of any app coming for

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