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Oct 12, 2006 at 07:42 PM

Data loading help


Hello Gurus,

I have applications 11,12 and 13 datasource feeding to infocube, now application 11, 12 datasources are also feeding to seprate ODS as well.

data is not correct in application 11,12 in header and item for month of Jan-march 06 but it is correctly loaded from april onwards.

so I want to correct this data.

what is my solution ???

1)should I do complete fresh load (filling set up tables) for application 11,12, (as both of these have problems)or will this action effect on data consistancy

should I also do the fresh load for application 13 also ??

2) I am loading data through PSA so is there a way I can delete the selective request and load it from the source system (as data is defective in PSA as well) OR is there a way to fill the set up tables for order which were created in period from Jan to march ?

your help is highly appreciated

I will assing full points to correct answers and

points to all the answers.

Krish kumar