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Oct 12, 2006 at 03:46 PM

Authorizations in Infoset Query



A User with Authorization for IT 0105 subtype 0001 only, would like to evaluate the data through Infoset Query.

However he's not able to get all the intended no. of Per. No. records. All the Pers. No.s with only subtype 0001 maintained are fetched & the Pers. No. with 0001 & any other Subtypes maintained are skipped from the output.

I've implemented the Swith *$HR$ PROC_PERNR_PARTIAL_AUT = 'X' for Partial authorization. After adding the switch the SAP Query Report is fetching the intended no. of Per. No.s. However this fails in the Hitlist/Output of the Infoset Query. Is there any way to get all the records in the Infoset Query for Users who's got Partial authorization like the case specified?

I've read that it's not possible because the SAP Query & Infoset Query (Hit list) acts differently. i.e SAP Query has access to the Switch *$HR$ [COMMON] *$HR$ PROC_PERNR_PARTIAL_AUT = 'X' but Infoset Query doesn't have the access.

Please help on this.