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Why is my SAP Fiori Worklist Application in an infinite loop?

Mar 31, 2017 at 07:46 PM


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In the HCP Trial version of the SAP Web IDE, I have created a SAP Fiori Worklist Application. Since I am using a Microsoft Web API web service as my OData source, I have used a $metadata.xml file to build the App. With a few tweaks to account for differences in a Microsoft-provided OData source (e.g. no support for $count), I'm now testing the App. Using Fiddler I can see that the App is successfully retrieving data (forever).

The App is infinitely requesting the first 20 rows from my web service with a call like:$skip=0&$top=20&$orderby=SomeField%20asc

Why isn't it satisfied with the result set or moving on to the next 20 rows of data?

The OData call is originating from datajs.js. Other than knowing that, I'm flying blind. Is it a mistake to point a Fiori Template at a non-SAP OData service?
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1 Answer

Rob Gauthier Jun 29 at 02:07 PM

Hi Steven,

I was wondering if you ever found a solution for your issue? i have run into the same issue (infinite loop on data call), with no hope for a solution. I have posted my issue in details at the link below.


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