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Oct 12, 2006 at 11:21 AM

Buss Partner: CRM to R/3 Synchronization



We have enhanced the SAP CRM BP (using configurations only) and the CRM BP is now to be made in sync with R/3 Customer master. <b>What changes need to be done and where so that the BP’s created in CRM are now in sync with R/3 Customers?</b> I assume we need to modify the Adaptor object (BUPA_MAIN) responsible for synchronization of BP from CRM to R/3.


The initial download of BP from R/3 to CRM is done. Now we have added some functionality of SAP CRM Buss partner by creating new address types (Present in BP Tab ‘Address overview’). Now these are to be mapped to some identified fields in SAP R/3.

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