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Oct 12, 2006 at 10:20 AM

Attn: Prakash (Message Mapping)


Hi Prakash,

In continuation to our conversation yesterday in regards to message mapping, I tried the solution you provided but when i test the mapping in gives a error.

Mapping scenario:

Source Target

Name >>> Name1

First >>> First1

Last >>> Last1

Address >>> Address1

Now is it possible that if I don't pass any value to a particular element say 'Last' in source then 'Last1' should not be present in the resulted mapping. I.e the result of the mapping should have only Name1, First1 and Address1. and if 'Last' is passed some value then all the four should appear in the result.

Solution you adviced is:

First make sure the ocurance of the Last1 is 0..1



Equals >Not >IfWithoutElse -->Last1

/ /

Constant("") Last (then)

The issue is how do i represent empty or null in constant box.

If i represent it as "" or " " or NUll i get a error when i test the mapping.