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Function module SBUF_OBJ_RESET_OBJECT to delete shared buffer doesn't delete shared buffer

From its description and its inline code comments, the function module SBUF_OBJ_RESET_OBJECT appears to be the right guy to delete shared buffer import/export areas. (I know, there is a built-in statement "delete from shared buffer", but I need an RFC, since I have to do this operation on other systems/servers - so the function module seems to be a perfect match).

Unfortunately, the following report yields a NOK Why?

report zz_test_delete_indx.
constants: gc_id type c length 55 value 'ZCL_PARAMTESTHUHU'.
data gv_test type string value 'Huhu'. export gv_test from gv_test to shared buffer indx(zb) id gc_id.
data: gv_key type rsobjkey.
concatenate sy-mandt 'ZB' gc_id into gv_key.
call function 'SBUF_OBJ_RESET_OBJECT' * destination iv_server exporting buff_id = 0 " Import/Export Buffer inv_code = 'DEL_HERE_DIRECT' tabname = 'INDX' key = gv_key key_l = strlen( gv_key ) exceptions c_func_error = 1 * system_failure = 97 message gv_msg * communication_failure = 98 message gv_msg others = 99.
clear gv_test. import gv_test to gv_test from shared buffer indx(zb) id gc_id. if gv_test is initial. format color col_positive. write: / 'OK, RESET worked'. else. format color col_negative. write: / 'NOK, RESET didn''t work, still reading ''' no-gap, gv_test no-gap, ''' from buffer.'. endif.
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1 Answer

  • Apr 03, 2017 at 08:22 AM

    Solved it myself. It works when using code DEL_HERE_GENERIC instead of DEL_HERE_DIRECT, and leaving away the parameter KEY_L. My worries were that "generic" meant that all the entries for this tabkey would be deleted, but they were unjustified: If a KEY is given, then only those entries whose key starts with that parameter will be deleted.

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