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Calculation View Passing Value from one input parameter to Another input parameter

Mar 31, 2017 at 03:34 PM


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I have a CalculationViewB where i have to filter a Company ID field on basis of CalculationViewA Company ID field but the client wants a descriptive field (Company Name) in drop down at the time of execution as input parameter.

CalculationViewA has two field Company ID and Company Name i.e 3048 ABB

So at the time of execution Client will get a drop down on basis of INPUT PARAMETER 1 that is CompName and at the view level it will filter on basis of INPUT PARAMETER 2 that is CompID.

i.e Client will select Input Parameter CompName: ACC and internally CalculationViewB will get filter on basis of Input Parameter 2 CompID: 1225

Filter: CompanyID =$$CompID$$

Will parameter mapping work in aforesaid scenario ?? Or

Do i have to use scripted calculation view? Or

Is there any other way ??

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1 Answer

Benedict Venmani Felix Mar 31, 2017 at 05:28 PM

I see the CalcviewB has both company code and company name, so what is the issue in filtering company name directly based on user input? CompName = $$IP_CompName$$


Include ClacviewA as a node in CalcviewB. Filter NodeA as CompName = $$IP_CompName$$. Inner join tjhis with projection in CalcviewB on CompanyCodeB = CompanyCodeA

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With above scenario you are right but if there is no country name in CalculationViewB, and view has to filter on CompID in that scenario... how can that be achived


Did you try the second option I suggested? What was the result? I would encourage you to try out a few methods and come back to the community with what you tried and how it fails.